DOM Programming Tutorial in Hindi

DOM Programming Tutorial in Hindi

Document Object Model aka DOM is the way we can represent a web page in terms of a JavaScript like Object. This object has many properties and methods which can be manipulated to make runtime changes in a page. Events like click of a button, press of a keyboard button or any animations - there are many use of DOM programming. In fact JS programming + DOM API makes you real front-end developer. As you can use JS to manipulated the DOM (or indirectly the webpage HTML or CSS )

#1. UnderStanding DOM - Theoretically

#2. Getters & Setters - getElementById, ClassName, TagName, querySelector innerHTML, attributes, setAttribute, style properties

#3. Event handler, addEventListener, removeEventListener

#4 createElement, removeChild, appendChild

#5 Menu using DOM & Animations using DOM

#6 BOM and extra properties

#7 Animation using scrollTo